Benchmark Electronics Inc

Benchmark electronics provides product design, engineering, order fulfillment and aftermarket services for aerospace and defense sectors.

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We have more than 55 contacts with more than 40 different emails (from 11 domains such as,,,, which were employees or partners of Benchmark since 1979.

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Lead list sample for Benchmark

Name Title Email
Ron Harriman Ron Harriman President
Ann Jeffries Ann Jeffries Chief Financial Officer
Susan Goldsberry Susan Goldsberry President & CEO
Jeff Benck Jeff Benck President & CEO
Barb Matias Barb Matias Marketing Director ba***
Beth Myer Beth Myer Sales Executive be***
Bill Miller Bill Miller Vice President bm*****
Blake Crow Blake Crow President
Bob Lobbatt Bob Lobbatt Owner bo****
Brad Fries Brad Fries Project Engineer bf***
Brad Krow Brad Krow Vice President/Creative Designer ar***
Brent Williams Brent Williams Analyst bw****
Catherine Flaherty Catherine Flaherty Research Analyst cf****
Cindy Rittmer Cindy Rittmer Treasurer cr****
Curtis Liscum Curtis Liscum Executive Officer cl****
Cynthia Rittmer Cynthia Rittmer Chief Financial Officer cy****
Darren M Davidowich Darren M Davidowich Principal dd*****
Dave Dramstad Dave Dramstad Systems Manager dd****
David Digges La Touche David Digges La Touche Owner
David La Touche David La Touche Office Manager ld****
David O'Connell David O'Connell Pre-Construction Planning do***
Derek Taller Derek Taller Senior Biotechnology and Specialty Pharma Analyst rb***
Donna Cibelli Donna Cibelli Corporate Secretary do****
Edward Atorino Edward Atorino Analyst ea******
Erin Moeller Erin Moeller Marketing Director er***
Jamie Cook Jamie Cook Accounting Manager jc*****
Jeff Evans Jeff Evans Director je****
Jerome Williams Jerome Williams President jw*****
John J Morris John J Morris Vice President jm****
John McPhail John McPhail Vice President jm***
Ron Harriman
Name Ron Harriman
Title President
Email N/A
Ann Jeffries
Name Ann Jeffries
Title Chief Financial Officer
Email N/A
Susan Goldsberry
Name Susan Goldsberry
Title President & CEO
Email N/A
Jeff Benck
Name Jeff Benck
Title President & CEO
Email N/A
Barb Matias
Name Barb Matias
Title Marketing Director
Email ba*****
Beth Myer
Name Beth Myer
Title Sales Executive
Email be****
Bill Miller
Name Bill Miller
Title Vice President
Email bm****
Blake Crow
Name Blake Crow
Title President
Email N/A
Bob Lobbatt
Name Bob Lobbatt
Title Owner
Email bo****
Brad Fries
Name Brad Fries
Title Project Engineer
Email bf***
Brad Krow
Name Brad Krow
Title Vice President/Creative Designer
Email ar***
Brent Williams
Name Brent Williams
Title Analyst
Email bw***
Catherine Flaherty
Name Catherine Flaherty
Title Research Analyst
Email cf****
Cindy Rittmer
Name Cindy Rittmer
Title Treasurer
Email cr****
Curtis Liscum
Name Curtis Liscum
Title Executive Officer
Email cl***
Cynthia Rittmer
Name Cynthia Rittmer
Title Chief Financial Officer
Email cy*****
Darren M Davidowich
Name Darren M Davidowich
Title Principal
Email dd***
Dave Dramstad
Name Dave Dramstad
Title Systems Manager
Email dd****
David Digges La Touche
Name David Digges La Touche
Title Owner
Email N/A
David La Touche
Name David La Touche
Title Office Manager
Email ld****
David O'Connell
Name David O'Connell
Title Pre-Construction Planning
Email do*****
Derek Taller
Name Derek Taller
Title Senior Biotechnology and Specialty Pharma Analyst
Email rb***
Donna Cibelli
Name Donna Cibelli
Title Corporate Secretary
Email do*****
Edward Atorino
Name Edward Atorino
Title Analyst
Email ea****
Erin Moeller
Name Erin Moeller
Title Marketing Director
Email er*****
Jamie Cook
Name Jamie Cook
Title Accounting Manager
Email jc****
Jeff Evans
Name Jeff Evans
Title Director
Email je****
Jerome Williams
Name Jerome Williams
Title President
Email jw***
John J Morris
Name John J Morris
Title Vice President
Email jm*****
John McPhail
Name John McPhail
Title Vice President
Email jm***