BouMatic engages in the design, manufacture and supply of milking systems and dairy farm equipment for dairy farm producers.

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We have more than 55 contacts with more than 50 different emails (from 2 domains such as, which were employees or partners of BouMatic since 1939.

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Lead list sample for BouMatic

Name Title Email
Todd Demonte Todd Demonte President
Amy Parkhurst Amy Parkhurst Director of Human Resources ap***
Annette Hagemann Annette Hagemann Collection Manager ah*****
Ben Badeau Ben Badeau JDE Programmer Analyst bb****
Bill Gochanour Bill Gochanour Plant Manager bg****
Bill Nelson Bill Nelson Chief Engineer bn****
Bob Richardson Bob Richardson Purchasing Agent br****
Bob Schaefer Bob Schaefer Information Technology Manager bo****
Bob Shaeffer Bob Shaeffer Information Technology Executive bs******
Chris Asher Chris Asher Human Resources Executive ca***
Chris Nisbet Chris Nisbet District Sales Manager cn***
Dan Mathys Dan Mathys wngineering Product Manager da***
Dave Dallman Dave Dallman Project Support dd***
Dave Wingert Dave Wingert Vice President North American Sales dw*****
David Stockwell David Stockwell Controller ds***
Don Murphy Don Murphy Purchasing Agent dm****
Don Wadyka Don Wadyka Supervisor-Information Technology do***
Frank Xudong Niu Frank Xudong Niu Treasury Analyst fn****
Gary Moses Gary Moses Traffic Manager gm***
Guy Pochard Guy Pochard Vice President gu******
Howard Armstrong Howard Armstrong Purchasing Agent ho***
James Carrano James Carrano RESEARCHER ji****
Jamie Cayo Jamie Cayo Sales and Marketing jc*****
Jeannie Gross Jeannie Gross Payroll Manager jg***
Joe Prazak Joe Prazak Marketing Executive jo*****
John Mansavage John Mansavage Communications Manager jm*****
John Paetz John Paetz International Sales Manager jp******
John P Kotts John P Kotts Member
Luc Horckmans Luc Horckmans Business Analyst lh****
Lynn Rosga Lynn Rosga Manager Information Technology lr****
Todd Demonte
Name Todd Demonte
Title President
Email N/A
Amy Parkhurst
Name Amy Parkhurst
Title Director of Human Resources
Email ap***
Annette Hagemann
Name Annette Hagemann
Title Collection Manager
Email ah****
Ben Badeau
Name Ben Badeau
Title JDE Programmer Analyst
Email bb******
Bill Gochanour
Name Bill Gochanour
Title Plant Manager
Email bg*****
Bill Nelson
Name Bill Nelson
Title Chief Engineer
Email bn***
Bob Richardson
Name Bob Richardson
Title Purchasing Agent
Email br******
Bob Schaefer
Name Bob Schaefer
Title Information Technology Manager
Email bo***
Bob Shaeffer
Name Bob Shaeffer
Title Information Technology Executive
Email bs****
Chris Asher
Name Chris Asher
Title Human Resources Executive
Email ca***
Chris Nisbet
Name Chris Nisbet
Title District Sales Manager
Email cn****
Dan Mathys
Name Dan Mathys
Title wngineering Product Manager
Email da******
Dave Dallman
Name Dave Dallman
Title Project Support
Email dd***
Dave Wingert
Name Dave Wingert
Title Vice President North American Sales
Email dw***
David Stockwell
Name David Stockwell
Title Controller
Email ds*****
Don Murphy
Name Don Murphy
Title Purchasing Agent
Email dm***
Don Wadyka
Name Don Wadyka
Title Supervisor-Information Technology
Email do***
Frank Xudong Niu
Name Frank Xudong Niu
Title Treasury Analyst
Email fn***
Gary Moses
Name Gary Moses
Title Traffic Manager
Email gm****
Guy Pochard
Name Guy Pochard
Title Vice President
Email gu***
Howard Armstrong
Name Howard Armstrong
Title Purchasing Agent
Email ho****
James Carrano
Name James Carrano
Email ji****
Jamie Cayo
Name Jamie Cayo
Title Sales and Marketing
Email jc****
Jeannie Gross
Name Jeannie Gross
Title Payroll Manager
Email jg*****
Joe Prazak
Name Joe Prazak
Title Marketing Executive
Email jo****
John Mansavage
Name John Mansavage
Title Communications Manager
Email jm*****
John Paetz
Name John Paetz
Title International Sales Manager
Email jp***
John P Kotts
Name John P Kotts
Title Member
Email N/A
Luc Horckmans
Name Luc Horckmans
Title Business Analyst
Email lh******
Lynn Rosga
Name Lynn Rosga
Title Manager Information Technology
Email lr******