Butterball, LLC

Butterball produces and distributes whole turkeys, turkey cuts, roasts, burgers, meatballs, bacon, sausages, deli meat and lunchmeat.

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We have more than 90 contacts with more than 85 different emails (from 2 domains such as carolinaturkeys.com, butterball.com) which were employees or partners of Butterball since 2006.

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Lead list sample for Butterball

Name Title Email
Peter Brooks Brown Peter Brooks Brown Chief Operating Officer
Anthony Steed Anthony Steed Director Information Technology as***@carolinaturkeys.com
Beth Gurley Beth Gurley Corporate Benefits Manager bg****@butterball.com
Bill Folk Bill Folk Branch Manager
Bill Klump Bill Klump Vice President and General Manager Retail Deli bk******@butterball.com
Cathleen Garrison Cathleen Garrison Senior Recruiter ca****@butterball.com
C. Dan Blackshear C. Dan Blackshear President and Chief Executive Officer km*****@carolinaturkeys.com
Chevion Pennington Chevion Pennington Senior Human Resources Representative cp******@carolinaturkeys.com
Chevion Taylor Chevion Taylor Recruiter bo*****@carolinaturkeys.com
Chris Peach Chris Peach Retail Vice Presidet cp*****@butterball.com
Connie Jones Connie Jones Computer Operations Manager cm***@carolinaturkeys.com
Dan Bohlman Dan Bohlman Supply Chain Manager db****@butterball.com
David Blackmon David Blackmon Vice President Sales Alternate Channels db***@butterball.com
David Roy David Roy Safety Specialist/Engineer dr***@butterball.com
Dawn Olivo Dawn Olivo Director-Purchasing do***@butterball.com
Dean Lisenby Dean Lisenby Director Demand and Supply Planning dl***@butterball.com
Dennis Stover Dennis Stover Controller ds****@carolinaturkeys.com
Diane Perry Diane Perry Operations Manager dp****@butterball.com
Donald Atkinson Donald Atkinson SAP Business Analyst Order to Cash da***@butterball.com
Doug Kite Doug Kite Network Manger dk***@carolinaturkeys.com
Ed Kacsuta Ed Kacsuta Finance Executive ed***@carolinaturkeys.com
Ed Weitherington Ed Weitherington MRP Analyst ew*****@carolinaturkeys.com
Ed Wetherington Ed Wetherington Plant Systems Manager ew****@butterball.com
Francis Hamm Francis Hamm Branch Manager
Gail Shaked Gail Shaked Office Manager ge******@butterball.com
Gary Lenaghan Gary Lenaghan Vice President-Human Resources gl****@carolinaturkeys.com
Heather Whalen Heather Whalen Regional Sales Manager hw***@butterball.com
Imad Nassar Imad Nassar Engineering Supervisor in*****@butterball.com
Irving Young Irving Young Quality Assurance Director iy****@butterball.com
James Carpenter James Carpenter Network Technician jc******@butterball.com
Peter Brooks Brown
Name Peter Brooks Brown
Title Chief Operating Officer
Email N/A
Anthony Steed
Name Anthony Steed
Title Director Information Technology
Email as****@carolinaturkeys.com
Beth Gurley
Name Beth Gurley
Title Corporate Benefits Manager
Email bg****@butterball.com
Bill Folk
Name Bill Folk
Title Branch Manager
Email N/A
Bill Klump
Name Bill Klump
Title Vice President and General Manager Retail Deli
Email bk***@butterball.com
Cathleen Garrison
Name Cathleen Garrison
Title Senior Recruiter
Email ca****@butterball.com
C. Dan Blackshear
Name C. Dan Blackshear
Title President and Chief Executive Officer
Email km***@carolinaturkeys.com
Chevion Pennington
Name Chevion Pennington
Title Senior Human Resources Representative
Email cp****@carolinaturkeys.com
Chevion Taylor
Name Chevion Taylor
Title Recruiter
Email bo*****@carolinaturkeys.com
Chris Peach
Name Chris Peach
Title Retail Vice Presidet
Email cp***@butterball.com
Connie Jones
Name Connie Jones
Title Computer Operations Manager
Email cm*****@carolinaturkeys.com
Dan Bohlman
Name Dan Bohlman
Title Supply Chain Manager
Email db***@butterball.com
David Blackmon
Name David Blackmon
Title Vice President Sales Alternate Channels
Email db******@butterball.com
David Roy
Name David Roy
Title Safety Specialist/Engineer
Email dr***@butterball.com
Dawn Olivo
Name Dawn Olivo
Title Director-Purchasing
Email do***@butterball.com
Dean Lisenby
Name Dean Lisenby
Title Director Demand and Supply Planning
Email dl****@butterball.com
Dennis Stover
Name Dennis Stover
Title Controller
Email ds*****@carolinaturkeys.com
Diane Perry
Name Diane Perry
Title Operations Manager
Email dp*****@butterball.com
Donald Atkinson
Name Donald Atkinson
Title SAP Business Analyst Order to Cash
Email da***@butterball.com
Doug Kite
Name Doug Kite
Title Network Manger
Email dk****@carolinaturkeys.com
Ed Kacsuta
Name Ed Kacsuta
Title Finance Executive
Email ed****@carolinaturkeys.com
Ed Weitherington
Name Ed Weitherington
Title MRP Analyst
Email ew*****@carolinaturkeys.com
Ed Wetherington
Name Ed Wetherington
Title Plant Systems Manager
Email ew****@butterball.com
Francis Hamm
Name Francis Hamm
Title Branch Manager
Email N/A
Gail Shaked
Name Gail Shaked
Title Office Manager
Email ge*****@butterball.com
Gary Lenaghan
Name Gary Lenaghan
Title Vice President-Human Resources
Email gl***@carolinaturkeys.com
Heather Whalen
Name Heather Whalen
Title Regional Sales Manager
Email hw***@butterball.com
Imad Nassar
Name Imad Nassar
Title Engineering Supervisor
Email in***@butterball.com
Irving Young
Name Irving Young
Title Quality Assurance Director
Email iy*****@butterball.com
James Carpenter
Name James Carpenter
Title Network Technician
Email jc****@butterball.com