Cargill, Inc.

Cargill engages in trading, purchasing, manufacturing and distributing agricultural commodities and food ingredients.

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We have more than 260 contacts with more than 260 different emails (from 2 domains such as, which were employees or partners of Cargill since 1865.

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Lead list sample for Cargill

Name Title Email
David MacLennan David MacLennan Chairman & CEO
Allen Crawford Allen Crawford Manager al******
Allen Duncan Allen Duncan Manager al***
Al Wietlake Al Wietlake Manager al*****
Andrew Gomez Andrew Gomez INSTRUMENTATIONSPECIALIST an******
Andrew Loden Andrew Loden Managing Director an*****
Andrew Loder Andrew Loder Manager an***
Ann Al-Oteiby Ann Al-Oteiby I/T Business Associate an***
Ann Radde Ann Radde Marketing Supervisor an***
Anthony Clarke Anthony Clarke Electrical Engineering Supervisor an****
April Lutman April Lutman Purchasing ap****
Barbara Shelton Barbara Shelton Traffic Manager ba***
Barbel Meyer Barbel Meyer Operations Executive ba****
Beverly Scheer Beverly Scheer General/Technical be****
Bill Clark Bill Clark Purchasing bi***
Bill Durbin Bill Durbin Manager bi****
Bill Griffin Bill Griffin Sales Executive bi****
Bill Groober Bill Groober Vice President bi******
Bill Hammon Bill Hammon Manager bi****
Bill Mathis Bill Mathis Manager bi****
Bill Swan Bill Swan Manager bi***
Billy Gueringer Billy Gueringer Environmental Engineer bi*****
Bob Benac Bob Benac Manager bo****
Brad Berkhof Brad Berkhof Manager br****
Brad Carter Brad Carter Manager br****
Braden Doug Braden Doug Operations Executive br***
Brent Hackenburg Brent Hackenburg Manager br****
Brent Roberts Brent Roberts General Counsel br*****
Brent Young Brent Young General/Technical br****
Brian Bell Brian Bell Plant Manager br*****
David MacLennan
Name David MacLennan
Title Chairman & CEO
Email N/A
Allen Crawford
Name Allen Crawford
Title Manager
Email al*****
Allen Duncan
Name Allen Duncan
Title Manager
Email al******
Al Wietlake
Name Al Wietlake
Title Manager
Email al***
Andrew Gomez
Name Andrew Gomez
Email an****
Andrew Loden
Name Andrew Loden
Title Managing Director
Email an****
Andrew Loder
Name Andrew Loder
Title Manager
Email an*****
Ann Al-Oteiby
Name Ann Al-Oteiby
Title I/T Business Associate
Email an****
Ann Radde
Name Ann Radde
Title Marketing Supervisor
Email an*****
Anthony Clarke
Name Anthony Clarke
Title Electrical Engineering Supervisor
Email an******
April Lutman
Name April Lutman
Title Purchasing
Email ap***
Barbara Shelton
Name Barbara Shelton
Title Traffic Manager
Email ba******
Barbel Meyer
Name Barbel Meyer
Title Operations Executive
Email ba*****
Beverly Scheer
Name Beverly Scheer
Title General/Technical
Email be***
Bill Clark
Name Bill Clark
Title Purchasing
Email bi*****
Bill Durbin
Name Bill Durbin
Title Manager
Email bi****
Bill Griffin
Name Bill Griffin
Title Sales Executive
Email bi****
Bill Groober
Name Bill Groober
Title Vice President
Email bi***
Bill Hammon
Name Bill Hammon
Title Manager
Email bi***
Bill Mathis
Name Bill Mathis
Title Manager
Email bi****
Bill Swan
Name Bill Swan
Title Manager
Email bi****
Billy Gueringer
Name Billy Gueringer
Title Environmental Engineer
Email bi******
Bob Benac
Name Bob Benac
Title Manager
Email bo****
Brad Berkhof
Name Brad Berkhof
Title Manager
Email br***
Brad Carter
Name Brad Carter
Title Manager
Email br****
Braden Doug
Name Braden Doug
Title Operations Executive
Email br***
Brent Hackenburg
Name Brent Hackenburg
Title Manager
Email br****
Brent Roberts
Name Brent Roberts
Title General Counsel
Email br****
Brent Young
Name Brent Young
Title General/Technical
Email br***
Brian Bell
Name Brian Bell
Title Plant Manager
Email br***