Clarke Inc. operates as an investment company. The Company offers investments in a range of private and publicly-traded businesses operating within various industries. Clarke serves in Canada.

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We have more than 130 contacts with more than 10 different emails (from 4 domains such as,,, which were employees or partners of Clarke Inc since 06/1921.

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Lead list sample for Clarke Inc

Name Title Email
George S Armoyan George S Armoyan Chairman
Stephen Cyr Stephen Cyr Chief Financial Officer
Michael Rapps Michael Rapps President/CEO
George Armoyan George Armoyan President & CEO
15+ Belle L 15+ Belle L Katubig
15+ Benjamin A 15+ Benjamin A Crane
15+ Bill 15+ Bill Hupp
15+ Brendan 15+ Brendan Burns
15+ Brian C 15+ Brian C Rocca
15+ Brian T 15+ Brian T Henry
15+ Bruce 15+ Bruce Callow
15+ Carrie L 15+ Carrie L Carothers
15+ Charles F 15+ Charles F Redden
15+ Christine 15+ Christine Ruiz
15+ Christopher 15+ Christopher Cassidy
15+ Colleen 15+ Colleen Wengler
15+ Connie 15+ Connie McLean
15+ Crystal Y 15+ Crystal Y Leighton
15+ Cynthia H 15+ Cynthia H Alkhouja
15+ Daniel B 15+ Daniel B Mills
15+ Darren 15+ Darren Karst
15+ Darryl L 15+ Darryl L Awick
15+ David C 15+ David C McMurtrie
15+ David M 15+ David M Bennett
15+ David Norman 15+ David Norman Larson
15+ Debbie 15+ Debbie McClure
15+ Debra 15+ Debra Aaron
15+ Donald J 15+ Donald J O'Meara Jr
15+ Donald Patri 15+ Donald Patri Eckler
15+ Edward B 15+ Edward B Ruff III
George S Armoyan
Name George S Armoyan
Title Chairman
Email N/A
Stephen Cyr
Name Stephen Cyr
Title Chief Financial Officer
Email N/A
Michael Rapps
Name Michael Rapps
Title President/CEO
Email N/A
George Armoyan
Name George Armoyan
Title President & CEO
Email N/A
15+ Belle L
Name 15+ Belle L
Title Katubig
Email N/A
15+ Benjamin A
Name 15+ Benjamin A
Title Crane
Email N/A
15+ Bill
Name 15+ Bill
Title Hupp
Email N/A
15+ Brendan
Name 15+ Brendan
Title Burns
Email N/A
15+ Brian C
Name 15+ Brian C
Title Rocca
Email N/A
15+ Brian T
Name 15+ Brian T
Title Henry
Email N/A
15+ Bruce
Name 15+ Bruce
Title Callow
Email N/A
15+ Carrie L
Name 15+ Carrie L
Title Carothers
Email N/A
15+ Charles F
Name 15+ Charles F
Title Redden
Email N/A
15+ Christine
Name 15+ Christine
Title Ruiz
Email N/A
15+ Christopher
Name 15+ Christopher
Title Cassidy
Email N/A
15+ Colleen
Name 15+ Colleen
Title Wengler
Email N/A
15+ Connie
Name 15+ Connie
Title McLean
Email N/A
15+ Crystal Y
Name 15+ Crystal Y
Title Leighton
Email N/A
15+ Cynthia H
Name 15+ Cynthia H
Title Alkhouja
Email N/A
15+ Daniel B
Name 15+ Daniel B
Title Mills
Email N/A
15+ Darren
Name 15+ Darren
Title Karst
Email N/A
15+ Darryl L
Name 15+ Darryl L
Title Awick
Email N/A
15+ David C
Name 15+ David C
Title McMurtrie
Email N/A
15+ David M
Name 15+ David M
Title Bennett
Email N/A
15+ David Norman
Name 15+ David Norman
Title Larson
Email N/A
15+ Debbie
Name 15+ Debbie
Title McClure
Email N/A
15+ Debra
Name 15+ Debra
Title Aaron
Email N/A
15+ Donald J
Name 15+ Donald J
Title O'Meara Jr
Email N/A
15+ Donald Patri
Name 15+ Donald Patri
Title Eckler
Email N/A
15+ Edward B
Name 15+ Edward B
Title Ruff III
Email N/A