Claxton Poultry Farms

Claxton Poultry supplies chicken.

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We have more than 20 contacts with more than 20 different emails (from 3 domains such as,, which were employees or partners of Claxton Poultry since 06/1930.

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Name Title Email
Allen Boudet Allen Boudet Food Safety Manager al***
Bill Sollars Bill Sollars Director of Information Technology bi***
Bob Gunnels Bob Gunnels Vice President of Finance bo****
Brenda Bagget Brenda Bagget Finance Director bb****
Cathy Hare Cathy Hare Corporate Secretary ca***
Donna Sapp Donna Sapp Sales Executive do****
Doris Fries Doris Fries Chief Executive Offi do******
Earl Grizzle Earl Grizzle Project Manager ea*****
Gregory Tatum Gregory Tatum Chief Financial Offi gr*****
Greg Tatum Greg Tatum Chief Financial Offi gr****
Jerry Lane Jerry Lane President je***
Jim Forehand Jim Forehand Fleet Manager ji****
Kevin Price Kevin Price Quality Assurance Professional ke*****
Kim Hutcheson Kim Hutcheson Controller ki****
Leslie Crosby Leslie Crosby Purchasing Agent le*****
Mark Bland Mark Bland Vice President Human Resources ma*****
Melissa Anderson Melissa Anderson Transportation Manager me****
Pam Usher Pam Usher Vice President pa****
Russell Pippin Russell Pippin Data Processing Exec ru***
Stephani Strickland Stephani Strickland Director-Sales ss*****
William Sollars William Sollars IT Director wi******
Allen Boudet
Name Allen Boudet
Title Food Safety Manager
Email al****
Bill Sollars
Name Bill Sollars
Title Director of Information Technology
Email bi******
Bob Gunnels
Name Bob Gunnels
Title Vice President of Finance
Email bo****
Brenda Bagget
Name Brenda Bagget
Title Finance Director
Email bb****
Cathy Hare
Name Cathy Hare
Title Corporate Secretary
Email ca***
Donna Sapp
Name Donna Sapp
Title Sales Executive
Email do***
Doris Fries
Name Doris Fries
Title Chief Executive Offi
Email do****
Earl Grizzle
Name Earl Grizzle
Title Project Manager
Email ea*****
Gregory Tatum
Name Gregory Tatum
Title Chief Financial Offi
Email gr*****
Greg Tatum
Name Greg Tatum
Title Chief Financial Offi
Email gr****
Jerry Lane
Name Jerry Lane
Title President
Email je****
Jim Forehand
Name Jim Forehand
Title Fleet Manager
Email ji***
Kevin Price
Name Kevin Price
Title Quality Assurance Professional
Email ke****
Kim Hutcheson
Name Kim Hutcheson
Title Controller
Email ki*****
Leslie Crosby
Name Leslie Crosby
Title Purchasing Agent
Email le******
Mark Bland
Name Mark Bland
Title Vice President Human Resources
Email ma***
Melissa Anderson
Name Melissa Anderson
Title Transportation Manager
Email me***
Pam Usher
Name Pam Usher
Title Vice President
Email pa***
Russell Pippin
Name Russell Pippin
Title Data Processing Exec
Email ru*****
Stephani Strickland
Name Stephani Strickland
Title Director-Sales
Email ss***
William Sollars
Name William Sollars
Title IT Director
Email wi****