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Digineer provides enterprise project management, business analysis, staffing and technology consulting services.

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We have more than 25 contacts with more than 20 different emails (from digineer.com) which were employees or partners of Digineer since 1998.

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Lead list sample for Digineer

Name Title Email
Andy Morrison Andy Morrison Enterprise Consultant am****@digineer.com
Annette Schloemer Annette Schloemer Marketing Manager5 as****@digineer.com
Bill Ashton Bill Ashton Vice President as***@digineer.com
Bob Thomas Bob Thomas Solution Director bt****@digineer.com
Chuck Rusch Chuck Rusch Vice President cr***@digineer.com
Creg Schumann Creg Schumann Consultant cs***@digineer.com
Cynthia Rochefort Cynthia Rochefort Controller jr****@digineer.com
Daron Cox Daron Cox Enterprise Consultant dc*****@digineer.com
Darrell Andersen Darrell Andersen Manager-Enterprise Project Consulting da******@digineer.com
Dave Saunders Dave Saunders Manager Professional Services ds***@digineer.com
David Schallenkamp David Schallenkamp Director Sales ds***@digineer.com
Dora Royzman Dora Royzman Business Consultant dr****@digineer.com
Jason Strate Jason Strate Enterprise Consultant js***@digineer.com
Jill Sealock Jill Sealock Marketing Manager js***@digineer.com
Karen Little Karen Little Digineer kl****@digineer.com
Kelly Vanravenhorst Kelly Vanravenhorst Recruiter kv****@digineer.com
Kevin E Brode Kevin E Brode President Pharmaceutical Sector br***@digineer.com
Lucinda Dutoit Lucinda Dutoit Director Human Resources and Recruiting ld****@digineer.com
Lucinda Du Toit Lucinda Du Toit Director-Human Resources lt****@digineer.com
McConnell Lisha McConnell Lisha Information Technology lm****@digineer.com
Michael Lacey Michael Lacey President
Mike Leatherman Mike Leatherman Recruiter/Account Manager ml****@digineer.com
Pete Shelquist Pete Shelquist Information Technology ps****@digineer.com
Ron Dolan Ron Dolan Vice President Sales rd***@digineer.com
Tom Brady Tom Brady Chief Financial Officer tb*****@digineer.com
Andy Morrison
Name Andy Morrison
Title Enterprise Consultant
Email am***@digineer.com
Annette Schloemer
Name Annette Schloemer
Title Marketing Manager5
Email as***@digineer.com
Bill Ashton
Name Bill Ashton
Title Vice President
Email as****@digineer.com
Bob Thomas
Name Bob Thomas
Title Solution Director
Email bt***@digineer.com
Chuck Rusch
Name Chuck Rusch
Title Vice President
Email cr******@digineer.com
Creg Schumann
Name Creg Schumann
Title Consultant
Email cs***@digineer.com
Cynthia Rochefort
Name Cynthia Rochefort
Title Controller
Email jr***@digineer.com
Daron Cox
Name Daron Cox
Title Enterprise Consultant
Email dc***@digineer.com
Darrell Andersen
Name Darrell Andersen
Title Manager-Enterprise Project Consulting
Email da****@digineer.com
Dave Saunders
Name Dave Saunders
Title Manager Professional Services
Email ds***@digineer.com
David Schallenkamp
Name David Schallenkamp
Title Director Sales
Email ds****@digineer.com
Dora Royzman
Name Dora Royzman
Title Business Consultant
Email dr***@digineer.com
Jason Strate
Name Jason Strate
Title Enterprise Consultant
Email js***@digineer.com
Jill Sealock
Name Jill Sealock
Title Marketing Manager
Email js****@digineer.com
Karen Little
Name Karen Little
Title Digineer
Email kl*****@digineer.com
Kelly Vanravenhorst
Name Kelly Vanravenhorst
Title Recruiter
Email kv***@digineer.com
Kevin E Brode
Name Kevin E Brode
Title President Pharmaceutical Sector
Email br****@digineer.com
Lucinda Dutoit
Name Lucinda Dutoit
Title Director Human Resources and Recruiting
Email ld****@digineer.com
Lucinda Du Toit
Name Lucinda Du Toit
Title Director-Human Resources
Email lt***@digineer.com
McConnell Lisha
Name McConnell Lisha
Title Information Technology
Email lm****@digineer.com
Michael Lacey
Name Michael Lacey
Title President
Email N/A
Mike Leatherman
Name Mike Leatherman
Title Recruiter/Account Manager
Email ml***@digineer.com
Pete Shelquist
Name Pete Shelquist
Title Information Technology
Email ps****@digineer.com
Ron Dolan
Name Ron Dolan
Title Vice President Sales
Email rd*****@digineer.com
Tom Brady
Name Tom Brady
Title Chief Financial Officer
Email tb***@digineer.com