Excalibur Engineering

Excalibur Engineering offers calibration and repair services for electrical, instrument and pressure test equipment.

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We have more than 10 contacts with more than 5 different emails (from 2 domains such as excaliburengineering.com, excalibur-eng.com) which were employees or partners of Excalibur Engineering since 1990.

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Name Title Email
Bettye Burgos Bettye Burgos Accountant be*****@excaliburengineering.com
Chris La Plante Chris La Plante Owner ch***@excaliburengineering.com
Christopher Laplante Christopher Laplante Chief Executive Offi ch*****@excaliburengineering.com
Christopher LaPlante Christopher LaPlante CEO
Galina Melnik Galina Melnik General/Technical ga***@excaliburengineering.com
Jana Brown Jana Brown Member
Jane Brown Jane Brown Owner ja*****@excalibur-eng.com
Jeff Brown Jeff Brown President je*****@excalibur-eng.com
Kaja Brown Kaja Brown Administrative Assistant ka*****@excaliburengineering.com
Phil Covington Phil Covington Engineer pc***@excalibur-eng.com
Bettye Burgos
Name Bettye Burgos
Title Accountant
Email be****@excaliburengineering.com
Chris La Plante
Name Chris La Plante
Title Owner
Email ch*****@excaliburengineering.com
Christopher Laplante
Name Christopher Laplante
Title Chief Executive Offi
Email ch***@excaliburengineering.com
Christopher LaPlante
Name Christopher LaPlante
Title CEO
Email N/A
Galina Melnik
Name Galina Melnik
Title General/Technical
Email ga****@excaliburengineering.com
Jana Brown
Name Jana Brown
Title Member
Email N/A
Jane Brown
Name Jane Brown
Title Owner
Email ja***@excalibur-eng.com
Jeff Brown
Name Jeff Brown
Title President
Email je****@excalibur-eng.com
Kaja Brown
Name Kaja Brown
Title Administrative Assistant
Email ka***@excaliburengineering.com
Phil Covington
Name Phil Covington
Title Engineer
Email pc***@excalibur-eng.com