Fieldale Farms Corporation

Fieldale Farms Corporation produces and markets poultry products. The Company offers natural whole birds, cut-up, skinless, and boneless chicken parts, and fully-cooked products. Fieldale Farms operates in the United States.

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We have more than 55 contacts with more than 55 different emails (from which were employees or partners of Fieldale Farms.

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Name Title Email
Thomas A Arrendale III Thomas A Arrendale III Chairman/CEO
Barbie Rowan Barbie Rowan Data Processing Exec ba****
Ben Cash Ben Cash Personnel Services Manager be***
Brad Moore Brad Moore Retail and Deli Sales Manager br***
Carl Allen Carl Allen Chief Information Officer ce***
Carl Evenson Carl Evenson Manager of Audit ca****
Carl Panther Carl Panther Quality Assurance Manager ca***
Clint Scroggs Clint Scroggs EHS Manager cl******
Corbett Kloster Corbett Kloster Quality Assurance Manager co***
Dale Faunce Dale Faunce Marketing Manager da****
Darlene Tyner Darlene Tyner Administrative Assistant da***
Darlene Wilson Darlene Wilson Purchasing Agent da******
Dave Wicker Dave Wicker President da****
David Allen David Allen Sales Executive da****
David Stevens David Stevens Plant Manager da****
David Wicker David Wicker Director-Live Production da***
Debbie Smith Debbie Smith General/Technical de***
Donna Myers Donna Myers Vice President Purchasing do******
Doug Ward Doug Ward Chairman do****
Eddie Elrod Eddie Elrod Treasurer ed*****
Emory Forrester Emory Forrester General/Technical em*****
Eric Dover Eric Dover Manager of R and D er****
Gus Arrendale Gus Arrendale Vice President gu***
Janet Smith Janet Smith Microbiology Supervisor ja*****
Jeff Paschall Jeff Paschall Marketing Manager je*****
Jerald Palmer Jerald Palmer Human Resources Executive je*****
Jerry Franklin Jerry Franklin Manager je******
Joe Hatfield Joe Hatfield Chief Executive Officer jo*****
Joe S. Hatfield Joe S. Hatfield President & CEO
Jon Allen Jon Allen Corporate Secretary jo***
Thomas A Arrendale III
Name Thomas A Arrendale III
Title Chairman/CEO
Email N/A
Barbie Rowan
Name Barbie Rowan
Title Data Processing Exec
Email ba***
Ben Cash
Name Ben Cash
Title Personnel Services Manager
Email be***
Brad Moore
Name Brad Moore
Title Retail and Deli Sales Manager
Email br***
Carl Allen
Name Carl Allen
Title Chief Information Officer
Email ce****
Carl Evenson
Name Carl Evenson
Title Manager of Audit
Email ca***
Carl Panther
Name Carl Panther
Title Quality Assurance Manager
Email ca*****
Clint Scroggs
Name Clint Scroggs
Title EHS Manager
Email cl****
Corbett Kloster
Name Corbett Kloster
Title Quality Assurance Manager
Email co*****
Dale Faunce
Name Dale Faunce
Title Marketing Manager
Email da***
Darlene Tyner
Name Darlene Tyner
Title Administrative Assistant
Email da****
Darlene Wilson
Name Darlene Wilson
Title Purchasing Agent
Email da*****
Dave Wicker
Name Dave Wicker
Title President
Email da***
David Allen
Name David Allen
Title Sales Executive
Email da****
David Stevens
Name David Stevens
Title Plant Manager
Email da****
David Wicker
Name David Wicker
Title Director-Live Production
Email da******
Debbie Smith
Name Debbie Smith
Title General/Technical
Email de****
Donna Myers
Name Donna Myers
Title Vice President Purchasing
Email do******
Doug Ward
Name Doug Ward
Title Chairman
Email do***
Eddie Elrod
Name Eddie Elrod
Title Treasurer
Email ed***
Emory Forrester
Name Emory Forrester
Title General/Technical
Email em***
Eric Dover
Name Eric Dover
Title Manager of R and D
Email er*****
Gus Arrendale
Name Gus Arrendale
Title Vice President
Email gu*****
Janet Smith
Name Janet Smith
Title Microbiology Supervisor
Email ja****
Jeff Paschall
Name Jeff Paschall
Title Marketing Manager
Email je*****
Jerald Palmer
Name Jerald Palmer
Title Human Resources Executive
Email je***
Jerry Franklin
Name Jerry Franklin
Title Manager
Email je****
Joe Hatfield
Name Joe Hatfield
Title Chief Executive Officer
Email jo*****
Joe S. Hatfield
Name Joe S. Hatfield
Title President & CEO
Email N/A
Jon Allen
Name Jon Allen
Title Corporate Secretary
Email jo******