Foster Farms

Foster Farms markets and distributes poultry products. The Company offers fresh and frozen chicken, ready-to-cook, and fully cooked products. Foster Farms serves customers in the United States.

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We have more than 65 contacts with more than 65 different emails (from which were employees or partners of Foster Farms LLC since 1939.

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Name Title Email
Dan Huber Dan Huber CEO
Bert Neuenschwander Bert Neuenschwander Information Technology Department be***
Bill Ghiglia Bill Ghiglia Manager gh***
Bob Wangerien Bob Wangerien Manager wa****
Bob Wingram Bob Wingram Senior Vice President Marketing bo****
Braxton Spahos Braxton Spahos Human Resources Exec sp******
Brian Grant Brian Grant Director Taxations br******
Brian Sato Brian Sato Chief Information Offr sa****
Christina Jones Christina Jones Human Resources Exec jo****
Cira Forbes Cira Forbes Assistant Manager - Marketing ci***
Dave Brennan Dave Brennan Co-Chairman da****
Dave Fischer Dave Fischer da****
David Heldt David Heldt Head Information Technology Security he****
David Weinmeister David Weinmeister Director of Information Technology we****
Dennis Hewitt Dennis Hewitt Information Technology he***
Dennis Strand Dennis Strand Director of Engineering st****
Diana Hankins Diana Hankins Purchasing Manager dh***
Diane Hendrickson Diane Hendrickson Human Resources Executive he*****
Diane Loucheck Diane Loucheck Admin Assistant lo****
Diane Luczek Diane Luczek Executive Assistant-Chief Information lu****
Diane Lutake Diane Lutake Marketing Executive lu***
Don Easley Don Easley Maintenance Manager ea***
Eddie Elmore Eddie Elmore Manager el****
Erica Park Erica Park pa***
Frank Bebereia Frank Bebereia Director Logistics fr*****
Frank Fagundes Frank Fagundes Advertising Executive fr*****
Frank Panarra Frank Panarra Human Resources Manager for Northwest Division pa******
Gene Runca Gene Runca Accounting ru*****
Gerald Tucker Gerald Tucker General/Technical tu*****
James Marnatti James Marnatti Manager ma******
Dan Huber
Name Dan Huber
Title CEO
Email N/A
Bert Neuenschwander
Name Bert Neuenschwander
Title Information Technology Department
Email be****
Bill Ghiglia
Name Bill Ghiglia
Title Manager
Email gh***
Bob Wangerien
Name Bob Wangerien
Title Manager
Email wa****
Bob Wingram
Name Bob Wingram
Title Senior Vice President Marketing
Email bo***
Braxton Spahos
Name Braxton Spahos
Title Human Resources Exec
Email sp****
Brian Grant
Name Brian Grant
Title Director Taxations
Email br****
Brian Sato
Name Brian Sato
Title Chief Information Offr
Email sa***
Christina Jones
Name Christina Jones
Title Human Resources Exec
Email jo*****
Cira Forbes
Name Cira Forbes
Title Assistant Manager - Marketing
Email ci****
Dave Brennan
Name Dave Brennan
Title Co-Chairman
Email da****
Dave Fischer
Name Dave Fischer
Title N/A
Email da***
David Heldt
Name David Heldt
Title Head Information Technology Security
Email he******
David Weinmeister
Name David Weinmeister
Title Director of Information Technology
Email we***
Dennis Hewitt
Name Dennis Hewitt
Title Information Technology
Email he****
Dennis Strand
Name Dennis Strand
Title Director of Engineering
Email st******
Diana Hankins
Name Diana Hankins
Title Purchasing Manager
Email dh***
Diane Hendrickson
Name Diane Hendrickson
Title Human Resources Executive
Email he****
Diane Loucheck
Name Diane Loucheck
Title Admin Assistant
Email lo***
Diane Luczek
Name Diane Luczek
Title Executive Assistant-Chief Information
Email lu****
Diane Lutake
Name Diane Lutake
Title Marketing Executive
Email lu*****
Don Easley
Name Don Easley
Title Maintenance Manager
Email ea****
Eddie Elmore
Name Eddie Elmore
Title Manager
Email el***
Erica Park
Name Erica Park
Title N/A
Email pa***
Frank Bebereia
Name Frank Bebereia
Title Director Logistics
Email fr***
Frank Fagundes
Name Frank Fagundes
Title Advertising Executive
Email fr****
Frank Panarra
Name Frank Panarra
Title Human Resources Manager for Northwest Division
Email pa****
Gene Runca
Name Gene Runca
Title Accounting
Email ru*****
Gerald Tucker
Name Gerald Tucker
Title General/Technical
Email tu****
James Marnatti
Name James Marnatti
Title Manager
Email ma****