Foxconn Electronics, Inc.

Foxconn manufactures and supplies electronic equipment such as motherboards, graphics cards, chassis and peripherals.

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We have more than 60 contacts with more than 55 different emails (from which were employees or partners of Foxconn since 1974.

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Name Title Email
Andy Wong Andy Wong Network Administrator an****
Ari Bose Ari Bose Vice President and Chief Information O fr*****
Bill Bonczyk Bill Bonczyk Product Data Engineer bi*****
Bob Grant Bob Grant Manager bo****
Bob McCallister Bob McCallister Director of Sales Global Services ro****
Bret Green Bret Green Senior Product Data Engineer br***
CA Lew CA Lew Vice-President
Chang Allen Chang Allen al****
Chris McMullan Chris McMullan Manager mc******
Chris Troia Chris Troia Chief Information Officer fa***
Donald Oliveto Donald Oliveto Owner do*****
Frank Quach Frank Quach Product Engineer fr***
Frank Wu Frank Wu Director Global Innovative Products M fr****
Gary Biddle Gary Biddle Design Engineer ga***
Gavin Carter Gavin Carter Chief Information Officer ke******
Gurinder Dhillon Gurinder Dhillon Director Emerging Products gu*****
Jack Chen Jack Chen Engineering Manager ja******
Jackson Shih Jackson Shih Engineer Manager ja****
Jack Xuan Phd Jack Xuan Phd Senior Director Global R and D ja******
James Chang James Chang Manager ja****
James Huang James Huang Owner Human Resources Executive ja***
Janice Gibson Janice Gibson Manager ja***
Jean Chang Jean Chang Office Manager je****
Jeff Dilley Jeff Dilley je*****
Jeff Roberts Jeff Roberts President je****
Jim Chang Jim Chang Manager ji***
Jim Koser Jim Koser Development Manager Standards ji***
Joaquin Martinez Joaquin Martinez Design Engineer jo***
John Knaub John Knaub Development Engineer jo****
John Rudnicki John Rudnicki Accounts Payable Manager jo****
Andy Wong
Name Andy Wong
Title Network Administrator
Email an*****
Ari Bose
Name Ari Bose
Title Vice President and Chief Information O
Email fr****
Bill Bonczyk
Name Bill Bonczyk
Title Product Data Engineer
Email bi*****
Bob Grant
Name Bob Grant
Title Manager
Email bo***
Bob McCallister
Name Bob McCallister
Title Director of Sales Global Services
Email ro***
Bret Green
Name Bret Green
Title Senior Product Data Engineer
Email br***
CA Lew
Name CA Lew
Title Vice-President
Email N/A
Chang Allen
Name Chang Allen
Title N/A
Email al*****
Chris McMullan
Name Chris McMullan
Title Manager
Email mc***
Chris Troia
Name Chris Troia
Title Chief Information Officer
Email fa***
Donald Oliveto
Name Donald Oliveto
Title Owner
Email do****
Frank Quach
Name Frank Quach
Title Product Engineer
Email fr*****
Frank Wu
Name Frank Wu
Title Director Global Innovative Products M
Email fr***
Gary Biddle
Name Gary Biddle
Title Design Engineer
Email ga****
Gavin Carter
Name Gavin Carter
Title Chief Information Officer
Email ke***
Gurinder Dhillon
Name Gurinder Dhillon
Title Director Emerging Products
Email gu****
Jack Chen
Name Jack Chen
Title Engineering Manager
Email ja****
Jackson Shih
Name Jackson Shih
Title Engineer Manager
Email ja***
Jack Xuan Phd
Name Jack Xuan Phd
Title Senior Director Global R and D
Email ja****
James Chang
Name James Chang
Title Manager
Email ja****
James Huang
Name James Huang
Title Owner Human Resources Executive
Email ja****
Janice Gibson
Name Janice Gibson
Title Manager
Email ja***
Jean Chang
Name Jean Chang
Title Office Manager
Email je***
Jeff Dilley
Name Jeff Dilley
Title N/A
Email je***
Jeff Roberts
Name Jeff Roberts
Title President
Email je***
Jim Chang
Name Jim Chang
Title Manager
Email ji*****
Jim Koser
Name Jim Koser
Title Development Manager Standards
Email ji***
Joaquin Martinez
Name Joaquin Martinez
Title Design Engineer
Email jo****
John Knaub
Name John Knaub
Title Development Engineer
Email jo***
John Rudnicki
Name John Rudnicki
Title Accounts Payable Manager
Email jo****