Intertech, Inc.

Intertech is a managed IT service and consulting firm that offers CRM, core banking systems, factoring, leasing and cloud services.

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We have more than 70 contacts with more than 65 different emails (from 13 domains such as,,,, which were employees or partners of Intertech since 1991.

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Lead list sample for Intertech

Name Title Email
William Brewster William Brewster CEO
Tom Salonek Tom Salonek Founder & CEO
Alfredo Jimenez Alfredo Jimenez President aj***
Amro Habib Amro Habib Secretary ah***
Andrew Troelsen Andrew Troelsen Vice President Training and Technology an*****
Ann Heintz Ann Heintz Marketing Staff an***
Anthony Caswell Anthony Caswell Traning Sales Account Executive tc*****
Bill Bauer Bill Bauer Chief Executive Officer bb*****
Bill Dye Bill Dye Senior Engineer bd***
Bill McCalla Bill McCalla Account Manager bi***
Brandy Altstadter Brandy Altstadter Director of Software Development br***
Brian Glass Brian Glass Lead Technician bg***
Bruce Hilpert Bruce Hilpert Co-Owner ok****
Bud Gautraux Bud Gautraux Owner bu**
Carole Songer Carole Songer Realtor fr*****
Chandra Leister Chandra Leister Head US Operations cl*****
Chip Janvier Chip Janvier Information Technology Manager we****
Christopher Wetzel Christopher Wetzel Chief Operating Offr cw****
Corey Hewitt Corey Hewitt Lead Installation Tech ch***
Dan Hokeness Dan Hokeness Relationship Manager dh******
Dave Foster Dave Foster CAD Designer df*****
Dave Zimmerman Dave Zimmerman Intertech Principal dz****
Dion Isom Dion Isom Principal di****
Donald J Thomasser Donald J Thomasser President
Donald Thomasser Donald Thomasser Founder dt****
Doug Laing Doug Laing Manager Operations dl***
Douglas Laing Douglas Laing Director Information Technology do****
Drew Johnson Drew Johnson Help Desk Lead dr***
Edward Walker Edward Walker Treasurer ew****
Elizabeth Clarke Elizabeth Clarke Media and Analyst Relations Manager el****
William Brewster
Name William Brewster
Title CEO
Email N/A
Tom Salonek
Name Tom Salonek
Title Founder & CEO
Email N/A
Alfredo Jimenez
Name Alfredo Jimenez
Title President
Email aj****
Amro Habib
Name Amro Habib
Title Secretary
Email ah****
Andrew Troelsen
Name Andrew Troelsen
Title Vice President Training and Technology
Email an****
Ann Heintz
Name Ann Heintz
Title Marketing Staff
Email an***
Anthony Caswell
Name Anthony Caswell
Title Traning Sales Account Executive
Email tc****
Bill Bauer
Name Bill Bauer
Title Chief Executive Officer
Email bb*****
Bill Dye
Name Bill Dye
Title Senior Engineer
Email bd***
Bill McCalla
Name Bill McCalla
Title Account Manager
Email bi****
Brandy Altstadter
Name Brandy Altstadter
Title Director of Software Development
Email br****
Brian Glass
Name Brian Glass
Title Lead Technician
Email bg*****
Bruce Hilpert
Name Bruce Hilpert
Title Co-Owner
Email ok******
Bud Gautraux
Name Bud Gautraux
Title Owner
Email bu***
Carole Songer
Name Carole Songer
Title Realtor
Email fr****
Chandra Leister
Name Chandra Leister
Title Head US Operations
Email cl*****
Chip Janvier
Name Chip Janvier
Title Information Technology Manager
Email we***
Christopher Wetzel
Name Christopher Wetzel
Title Chief Operating Offr
Email cw***
Corey Hewitt
Name Corey Hewitt
Title Lead Installation Tech
Email ch*****
Dan Hokeness
Name Dan Hokeness
Title Relationship Manager
Email dh*****
Dave Foster
Name Dave Foster
Title CAD Designer
Email df****
Dave Zimmerman
Name Dave Zimmerman
Title Intertech Principal
Email dz*****
Dion Isom
Name Dion Isom
Title Principal
Email di***
Donald J Thomasser
Name Donald J Thomasser
Title President
Email N/A
Donald Thomasser
Name Donald Thomasser
Title Founder
Email dt****
Doug Laing
Name Doug Laing
Title Manager Operations
Email dl***
Douglas Laing
Name Douglas Laing
Title Director Information Technology
Email do***
Drew Johnson
Name Drew Johnson
Title Help Desk Lead
Email dr*****
Edward Walker
Name Edward Walker
Title Treasurer
Email ew****
Elizabeth Clarke
Name Elizabeth Clarke
Title Media and Analyst Relations Manager
Email el*****