Land Design

Land Design is a provider of civil engineering, infrastructure design and landscape architectural services for the construction industry.

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We have more than 50 contacts with more than 45 different emails (from 2 domains such as, which were employees or partners of Landdesign since 1978.

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Name Title Email
Andrew Miller Andrew Miller Sales Executive am*****
Bill Slevin Bill Slevin President bi****
Bob Busch Bob Busch Vice President bb****
Brad Davis Brad Davis President
Brianne Campbell Brianne Campbell Office Manager bc****
Carole Stapleton Carole Stapleton General/Technical cs*****
Chris Vasan Chris Vasan General/Technical cv***
Conrad Nauman Conrad Nauman Owner cn***
Conrad Nomen Conrad Nomen Owner cn****
Denise Martinnauma Denise Martinnauma Manager dm***
Donald Rodney Tapp Donald Rodney Tapp President
Donald Tapp Donald Tapp President dt******
Dwight E. E Kiser Dwight E. E Kiser Vice President and Partner dk******
Eve Luppert Eve Luppert Head of Human Resources el*****
Gabriela Canamar Gabriela Canamar Principal gc***
Gary Schneider Gary Schneider Director-Marketing gs****
Gary Vogrin Gary Vogrin Principal gv*****
Gloria Silvestro Gloria Silvestro Executive Administrative Assistant gs***
Greg Gamble Greg Gamble Senior Project Manager With the Nashville Office gg***
Harriett Dietz Harriett Dietz Planning Manager hd****
Jackie Arrowood Jackie Arrowood Controller ja*****
Jason Goddard Jason Goddard Senior Associate jg****
Jennifer Walker Jennifer Walker Principal jw****
Jenny Guthrie Jenny Guthrie Manager je*****
Jeremy Rust Jeremy Rust Senior Associate jr******
John Lynch John Lynch Manager jl****
Judith Saxey Judith Saxey Manager js****
Kelly Patterson Kelly Patterson Manager kp****
Kent Saxey Kent Saxey President ks****
Kevin Tankersley Kevin Tankersley Principal kt******
Andrew Miller
Name Andrew Miller
Title Sales Executive
Email am***
Bill Slevin
Name Bill Slevin
Title President
Email bi***
Bob Busch
Name Bob Busch
Title Vice President
Email bb*****
Brad Davis
Name Brad Davis
Title President
Email N/A
Brianne Campbell
Name Brianne Campbell
Title Office Manager
Email bc*****
Carole Stapleton
Name Carole Stapleton
Title General/Technical
Email cs*****
Chris Vasan
Name Chris Vasan
Title General/Technical
Email cv*****
Conrad Nauman
Name Conrad Nauman
Title Owner
Email cn***
Conrad Nomen
Name Conrad Nomen
Title Owner
Email cn***
Denise Martinnauma
Name Denise Martinnauma
Title Manager
Email dm***
Donald Rodney Tapp
Name Donald Rodney Tapp
Title President
Email N/A
Donald Tapp
Name Donald Tapp
Title President
Email dt*****
Dwight E. E Kiser
Name Dwight E. E Kiser
Title Vice President and Partner
Email dk***
Eve Luppert
Name Eve Luppert
Title Head of Human Resources
Email el***
Gabriela Canamar
Name Gabriela Canamar
Title Principal
Email gc*****
Gary Schneider
Name Gary Schneider
Title Director-Marketing
Email gs***
Gary Vogrin
Name Gary Vogrin
Title Principal
Email gv****
Gloria Silvestro
Name Gloria Silvestro
Title Executive Administrative Assistant
Email gs******
Greg Gamble
Name Greg Gamble
Title Senior Project Manager With the Nashville Office
Email gg***
Harriett Dietz
Name Harriett Dietz
Title Planning Manager
Email hd****
Jackie Arrowood
Name Jackie Arrowood
Title Controller
Email ja***
Jason Goddard
Name Jason Goddard
Title Senior Associate
Email jg***
Jennifer Walker
Name Jennifer Walker
Title Principal
Email jw***
Jenny Guthrie
Name Jenny Guthrie
Title Manager
Email je***
Jeremy Rust
Name Jeremy Rust
Title Senior Associate
Email jr*****
John Lynch
Name John Lynch
Title Manager
Email jl***
Judith Saxey
Name Judith Saxey
Title Manager
Email js*****
Kelly Patterson
Name Kelly Patterson
Title Manager
Email kp****
Kent Saxey
Name Kent Saxey
Title President
Email ks****
Kevin Tankersley
Name Kevin Tankersley
Title Principal
Email kt*****