Molina Healthcare, Inc.

Molina Healthcare, Inc. operates as a managed care organization. The Company arranges for the delivery of health care services to persons eligible for healthcare programs for low-income families and individuals. Molina Healthcare offers health plans in California, Washington, Utah, and Michigan, as well as primary care clinics located in Northern and Southern California.

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We have more than 10 contacts with more than 5 different emails (from which were employees or partners of Molina Healthcare Inc since 1980.

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Name Title Email
Jeff D Barlow Jeff D Barlow CLO/Secretary
Joseph Michael Zubretsky Joseph Michael Zubretsky "Joe" President/CEO
Thomas L Tran Thomas L Tran "Tom" CFO/Treasurer
Joseph M Zubretsky Joseph M Zubretsky President & CEO
Joseph Zubretsky Joseph Zubretsky President & CEO
Anita Mullins Anita Mullins Chief Financial Officer an*****
Joe Layman Joe Layman Data Center Manager jo****
J Mario Molina J Mario Molina Chairman of the Board
Brian Payson Brian Payson Information Systems Manager br***
Carl Guist Carl Guist Chief Financial Officer ca****
Denita Richards Denita Richards Marketing Manager dr***
Elizabeth Michelle Elizabeth Michelle Manager
Jeff D Barlow
Name Jeff D Barlow
Title CLO/Secretary
Email N/A
Joseph Michael Zubretsky
Name Joseph Michael Zubretsky "Joe"
Title President/CEO
Email N/A
Thomas L Tran
Name Thomas L Tran "Tom"
Title CFO/Treasurer
Email N/A
Joseph M Zubretsky
Name Joseph M Zubretsky
Title President & CEO
Email N/A
Joseph Zubretsky
Name Joseph Zubretsky
Title President & CEO
Email N/A
Anita Mullins
Name Anita Mullins
Title Chief Financial Officer
Email an****
Joe Layman
Name Joe Layman
Title Data Center Manager
Email jo*****
J Mario Molina
Name J Mario Molina
Title Chairman of the Board
Email N/A
Brian Payson
Name Brian Payson
Title Information Systems Manager
Email br***
Carl Guist
Name Carl Guist
Title Chief Financial Officer
Email ca******
Denita Richards
Name Denita Richards
Title Marketing Manager
Email dr****
Elizabeth Michelle
Name Elizabeth Michelle
Title Manager
Email N/A