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PharMerica is a provider of pharmacy management services to hospitals, nursing centers and healthcare providers.

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We have more than 195 contacts with more than 185 different emails (from 2 domains such as, which were employees or partners of PharMerica since 2007.

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Name Title Email
Suresh Vishnubhatla Suresh Vishnubhatla Exec VP:Long Term Care Ops
Robert E Dries Robert E Dries "Bob" President
Jon B Rousseau Jon B Rousseau Chief Executive Officer
Robert E. Dries Robert E. Dries President
Gregory S. Weishar Gregory S. Weishar President & CEO
Angela Bailey Angela Bailey Manager of Compensation an***
Anthony Hernandez Anthony Hernandez Senior Vice President of Human Resources ah***
Barbara Yearwood Barbara Yearwood Professional Enginee by****
Barb Younginer Barb Younginer Human Resources Director by***
Barry Sample Barry Sample Director Science and Technology jc*****
Berard Tomassetti Berard Tomassetti Senior Vice President Chief Accounting Officer be******
Betsy Irizarry Betsy Irizarry Human Resources Director bx*****
Betty Harkey Betty Harkey Administrative Assistant bh***
Bill Mertz Bill Mertz Corporate Counsel bi***
Bill Shettle Bill Shettle General/Technical bs****
Bill Shields Bill Shields Chief Executive Officer bi***
Bill Tartar Bill Tartar Accountant bt***
Bob Burford Bob Burford President bo****
Bobby Miller Bobby Miller Vice President bm****
Brian Echard Brian Echard Chief Executive Officer be*****
Bunny Traxinger Bunny Traxinger Manager Human Resources Executive bu****
Caroline McClendon Caroline McClendon Manager National Sales Devel cm*****
Casey Singletary Casey Singletary Client Service Executive cs***
Charlene Corsey Charlene Corsey Helpdesk Analyst cc****
Charles Carpenter Charles Carpenter Chief Executive Officer cc***
Charles McCauley Charles McCauley Branch Manager
Chester Hicks Chester Hicks Network Analyst ch*****
Chitra Stroup Chitra Stroup Manager Information Technology Systems cs***
Chris Miller Chris Miller Information Systems Program Manager ch****
Christian Carrasco Christian Carrasco Information Technology cx****
Suresh Vishnubhatla
Name Suresh Vishnubhatla
Title Exec VP:Long Term Care Ops
Email N/A
Robert E Dries
Name Robert E Dries "Bob"
Title President
Email N/A
Jon B Rousseau
Name Jon B Rousseau
Title Chief Executive Officer
Email N/A
Robert E. Dries
Name Robert E. Dries
Title President
Email N/A
Gregory S. Weishar
Name Gregory S. Weishar
Title President & CEO
Email N/A
Angela Bailey
Name Angela Bailey
Title Manager of Compensation
Email an****
Anthony Hernandez
Name Anthony Hernandez
Title Senior Vice President of Human Resources
Email ah***
Barbara Yearwood
Name Barbara Yearwood
Title Professional Enginee
Email by****
Barb Younginer
Name Barb Younginer
Title Human Resources Director
Email by***
Barry Sample
Name Barry Sample
Title Director Science and Technology
Email jc****
Berard Tomassetti
Name Berard Tomassetti
Title Senior Vice President Chief Accounting Officer
Email be*****
Betsy Irizarry
Name Betsy Irizarry
Title Human Resources Director
Email bx***
Betty Harkey
Name Betty Harkey
Title Administrative Assistant
Email bh******
Bill Mertz
Name Bill Mertz
Title Corporate Counsel
Email bi****
Bill Shettle
Name Bill Shettle
Title General/Technical
Email bs****
Bill Shields
Name Bill Shields
Title Chief Executive Officer
Email bi****
Bill Tartar
Name Bill Tartar
Title Accountant
Email bt****
Bob Burford
Name Bob Burford
Title President
Email bo****
Bobby Miller
Name Bobby Miller
Title Vice President
Email bm***
Brian Echard
Name Brian Echard
Title Chief Executive Officer
Email be*****
Bunny Traxinger
Name Bunny Traxinger
Title Manager Human Resources Executive
Email bu***
Caroline McClendon
Name Caroline McClendon
Title Manager National Sales Devel
Email cm****
Casey Singletary
Name Casey Singletary
Title Client Service Executive
Email cs****
Charlene Corsey
Name Charlene Corsey
Title Helpdesk Analyst
Email cc***
Charles Carpenter
Name Charles Carpenter
Title Chief Executive Officer
Email cc******
Charles McCauley
Name Charles McCauley
Title Branch Manager
Email N/A
Chester Hicks
Name Chester Hicks
Title Network Analyst
Email ch***
Chitra Stroup
Name Chitra Stroup
Title Manager Information Technology Systems
Email cs****
Chris Miller
Name Chris Miller
Title Information Systems Program Manager
Email ch*****
Christian Carrasco
Name Christian Carrasco
Title Information Technology
Email cx****