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United Health is a provider of health care coverage and benefits services.

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We have more than 3,040 contacts with more than 3,030 different emails (from 6 domains such as uhc.com, unitedhealthgroup.com, unitedhealthcare.com, ussco.com, ouray.cudenver.edu) which were employees or partners of UnitedHealth Group since 1977.

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Lead list sample for UnitedHealth Group

Name Title Email
Sir Andrew Witty Sir Andrew Witty President/CEO:Optum
David Scott Wichmann David Scott Wichmann "Dave" Chief Executive Officer
Larry C Renfro Larry C Renfro Vice Chairman
Stephen J. Hemsley Stephen J. Hemsley CEO
David S. Wichmann David S. Wichmann CEO
Adam Cohen Adam Cohen Vice President Sales Training and Per ad****@uhc.com
Adam Hgerpe Adam Hgerpe Chief Operating Officer UnitedHealth Advisors ad****@uhc.com
Adam Hjerpe Adam Hjerpe Chief Operating Officer UnitedHealth Advisors ad*****@uhc.com
Adam Low Adam Low Manager Network Management ad****@uhc.com
Adam Wilford Adam Wilford Director Portfolio Services ad***@uhc.com
Adam Wilson Adam Wilson Consulting ad***@uhc.com
Adi Codaty Adi Codaty Senior Director Information Technology ad***@uhc.com
Adriana Omeara Adriana Omeara Director Product Developmengt ad****@uhc.com
Adrian Sale Adrian Sale Vice President Information Technology ad***@uhc.com
Adrienne Blanchard Adrienne Blanchard Sales Executive ad***@uhc.com
Ahmet Atan Ahmet Atan Director of Technology Groupware Operations ah*****@uhc.com
Aimee Lind Aimee Lind Information Administrator ai***@uhc.com
Ajai Bhatia Ajai Bhatia Senior Information Technology Project aj******@uhc.com
Ajay Kumar Ajay Kumar Converged Support aj*****@uhc.com
Alan Haynes Alan Haynes Vice President al***@uhc.com
Alan Jenkins Alan Jenkins Senior Information Systems Architect aj***@uhc.com
Alayne Thoreson Alayne Thoreson Service Delivery al******@uhc.com
Al Bowles Al Bowles Vice President Commercial and Major Ac al****@uhc.com
Alden De La Rosa Alden De La Rosa Actuarial Analyst al****@uhc.com
Alejandro Pierre Alejandro Pierre Information Technology Manager al***@uhc.com
Alexander Edwards Alexander Edwards LAN/WAN Manager al*****@uhc.com
Alexander Pirhalla Alexander Pirhalla Business/Data Analysis ap*****@uhc.com
Alex Edwards Alex Edwards Manager Distributed Systems Management al****@uhc.com
Alex Garza Alex Garza Public Relations Chair al*****@uhc.com
Alexina Chai Alexina Chai Human Resources Director al***@uhc.com
Sir Andrew Witty
Name Sir Andrew Witty
Title President/CEO:Optum
Email N/A
David Scott Wichmann
Name David Scott Wichmann "Dave"
Title Chief Executive Officer
Email N/A
Larry C Renfro
Name Larry C Renfro
Title Vice Chairman
Email N/A
Stephen J. Hemsley
Name Stephen J. Hemsley
Title CEO
Email N/A
David S. Wichmann
Name David S. Wichmann
Title CEO
Email N/A
Adam Cohen
Name Adam Cohen
Title Vice President Sales Training and Per
Email ad****@uhc.com
Adam Hgerpe
Name Adam Hgerpe
Title Chief Operating Officer UnitedHealth Advisors
Email ad***@uhc.com
Adam Hjerpe
Name Adam Hjerpe
Title Chief Operating Officer UnitedHealth Advisors
Email ad****@uhc.com
Adam Low
Name Adam Low
Title Manager Network Management
Email ad****@uhc.com
Adam Wilford
Name Adam Wilford
Title Director Portfolio Services
Email ad****@uhc.com
Adam Wilson
Name Adam Wilson
Title Consulting
Email ad*****@uhc.com
Adi Codaty
Name Adi Codaty
Title Senior Director Information Technology
Email ad***@uhc.com
Adriana Omeara
Name Adriana Omeara
Title Director Product Developmengt
Email ad*****@uhc.com
Adrian Sale
Name Adrian Sale
Title Vice President Information Technology
Email ad****@uhc.com
Adrienne Blanchard
Name Adrienne Blanchard
Title Sales Executive
Email ad****@uhc.com
Ahmet Atan
Name Ahmet Atan
Title Director of Technology Groupware Operations
Email ah****@uhc.com
Aimee Lind
Name Aimee Lind
Title Information Administrator
Email ai***@uhc.com
Ajai Bhatia
Name Ajai Bhatia
Title Senior Information Technology Project
Email aj*****@uhc.com
Ajay Kumar
Name Ajay Kumar
Title Converged Support
Email aj****@uhc.com
Alan Haynes
Name Alan Haynes
Title Vice President
Email al****@uhc.com
Alan Jenkins
Name Alan Jenkins
Title Senior Information Systems Architect
Email aj****@uhc.com
Alayne Thoreson
Name Alayne Thoreson
Title Service Delivery
Email al***@uhc.com
Al Bowles
Name Al Bowles
Title Vice President Commercial and Major Ac
Email al******@uhc.com
Alden De La Rosa
Name Alden De La Rosa
Title Actuarial Analyst
Email al***@uhc.com
Alejandro Pierre
Name Alejandro Pierre
Title Information Technology Manager
Email al****@uhc.com
Alexander Edwards
Name Alexander Edwards
Title LAN/WAN Manager
Email al***@uhc.com
Alexander Pirhalla
Name Alexander Pirhalla
Title Business/Data Analysis
Email ap***@uhc.com
Alex Edwards
Name Alex Edwards
Title Manager Distributed Systems Management
Email al****@uhc.com
Alex Garza
Name Alex Garza
Title Public Relations Chair
Email al***@uhc.com
Alexina Chai
Name Alexina Chai
Title Human Resources Director
Email al***@uhc.com