Volkswagen AG manufactures and sells vehicles. The Company offers economy and luxury automobiles, sports cars, trucks, and commercial vehicles. Volkswagen serves customers globally.

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We have more than 5 contacts with more than 5 different emails which were employees or partners of Volkswagen AG since 1937.

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Name Title Email
Dr Herbert Diess Dr Herbert Diess Chairman-Mgmt Board/CEO
Dr Oliver Blume Dr Oliver Blume Member-Mgmt Board
Frank Welsch Frank Welsch Chief Technology Officer
Frank Witter Frank Witter Chief Financial Officer
Saad Chehab Saad Chehab Chief Marketing Officer
Herbert Diess Herbert Diess Chairman & CEO
Dr Herbert Diess
Name Dr Herbert Diess
Title Chairman-Mgmt Board/CEO
Email N/A
Dr Oliver Blume
Name Dr Oliver Blume
Title Member-Mgmt Board
Email N/A
Frank Welsch
Name Frank Welsch
Title Chief Technology Officer
Email N/A
Frank Witter
Name Frank Witter
Title Chief Financial Officer
Email N/A
Saad Chehab
Name Saad Chehab
Title Chief Marketing Officer
Email N/A
Herbert Diess
Name Herbert Diess
Title Chairman & CEO
Email N/A